Welcome, Call for Papers, and Important Dates

As recent scholars have noted, there is little discourse amongst the HCI, interaction design, and UX communities on topics of AI and their relationship to design practice, a gap this workshop aims to address. Bringing together practitioners and researchers from a variety of backgrounds, this workshop sets out three goals:

  1. Identify case studies and projects at the intersection of HCI and AI, highlighting their ethical dimensions
  2. Identify the chief challenges to HCI and AI collaborations and strategies to address them
  3. Foster a community for continued discourse and development on the intersections between AI Ethics, social computing, and design.

Call for Position Papers

Submit by email (daria.a.loi [at] intel.com) a short (1-2 page) position paper that includes any of the following:

  1. A description of a current project on the topic of AI, highlighting its ethical dimensions and relationship to interaction design practice
  2. A response to any of the following open questions:
    • What might processes for codesigning AI futures look like?
    • How might we measure and evaluate the impact of such processes, especially given the variable temporalities at play (e.g. user interaction stories and touchpoints; product development and releases; news and PR cycles; economic forecasting/labor earnings; legal/regulatory processes; professional/career timelines; etc.)?
    • What are design practitioners’ roles and responsibilities in this complex and challenging context of designing AI futures?
    • How might sustainable business models inform technological development in the context of AI futures?
    • What role should co-design play in the development of AI standards?
    • How might we ensure that future AI designers and developers are grounded in human-centric values?
  3. A discussion of an emergent ethical issue around AI Ethics not covered above, and its relationship to interaction design practice.

Important Dates

Dates for those interested in early bird registration:

  • Submission deadline: May 3, 5pm PST.
  • Acceptance notification: May 10 (or a day in that week that allows people who submit to register via early bird)

Dates for all others interested:

  • Submission deadline: May 24, 5pm PST
  • Acceptance notification: May 31

Workshop date: Sunday June 23.